How To Promote Your Business Using Yelp Marketingnear Durham-North-Carolina

Published Jan 24, 23
4 min read

Consumers have moved past using the behemoth Yellow Pages phone directory to find businesses or restaurants, but they continue to use Yelp and other online platforms in a similar manner because it is quick and convenient. What Does Yelp’s Free Listing Include? Yelp for Business is free, offering a number of features to enhance business listings.

When a business displays a Verified License badge on their page, this means that Yelp manually checked whether these companies were licensed in their respective categories and are in good standing. This feature costs $1 per day. If it feels like Yelp is nickel-and-diming you, it is because they are.

Not unlike Google Posts, Yelp Connect allows restaurant owners to publish posts with news and updates, which can be scheduled. Google Posts however, is completely free, while Yelp Connect costs $199 per month. There are many other revenue-generating avenues for Yelp currently available to businesses, such as Yelp Waitlist and Yelp Ads, that we could spend a lifetime discussing.

Cons of Using Yelp For Business Apart from the obvious con of having another platform to monitor, the main con of using Yelp is the cost of upgraded features and advertising. I mean, you’re basically spending a billion dollars a year to let Yelp users know you’re a locally-owned business.

Search Engine Land conducted a case study to find out whether Yelp ads were worth paying for two years ago. Once they broke down their findings, such as the actual leads vs. what Yelp considered leads, they learned that their cost per lead on Yelp was 3. 3 times higher compared to Google Ads.

Having a strong presence on Yelp helps you establish trust with potential customers. Manage your page for free or upgrade to stand out from the competition. Update your business info so people can find you Respond to reviews and messages as soon as they come in Add photos to showcase the best of your business .

Yelp Ads puts your business above the search results and on your competitors’ pages. This means customers are more likely to find you while searching for the services you offer. Reach 3X more customers with Yelp Ads. 1.

Yelp is a way that millions of users find small businesses in their area. And odds are, you yourself have used it personally to find businesses near you. Yelp is great for the consumer, but it also has immense value for business owners. Yelp for business owners is a powerful small business marketing tool to get an influx of customers to your business.

Table of Contents So, how does Yelp work for business owners? In short, Yelp for business gives you the opportunity to create or claim a Yelp profile for your business. Then, when potential customers are searching for a store or service like yours in your area, your business’s page will appear among the search results.

Yelp has several tools to allow you to customize your business page, either online or using the Yelp for business app on your mobile device. Some of these are free while others will cost you, but you can use a combination of these tools to make sure your business is getting the attention it needs while staying within your business budget.

Customers in your area are looking for small businesses like yours, so your business should be showing up in their Yelp search results. But it’s not like you can just sign up for Yelp for business owners and expect immediate results. You have to put some effort into getting the most out of your Yelp business page before you’ll notice an influx of customers or brand awareness.

Alternatively, your small business could already be on Yelp, even if you haven’t specifically registered for Yelp for business owners. This means that a customer of yours has probably left your business a review, even if you don’t already have a Yelp for business owners account. If your business already has a profile with a few reviews on it, you can claim it as your own and set up your Yelp for business owners account.

This is also where you can correct any wrong information if you previously weren’t in control of your Yelp profile. To give your customers everything they need to know about getting in contact with your business, make sure you’ve fully filled out your location, hours of operation, price range, and other need-to-know details.

And on that note, make sure that the location information your customers can find on Yelp is the same as what they see on Google or your business Facebook page. Making sure all of your business’s information is there and correct is just part of assembling the perfect Yelp profile.